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Mortgage Loans - Why Borrow Locally

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Mortgage Loans - Why Borrow Locally

With the large number of national advertisements coming across your screen for getting approved for a mortgage, it may be tempting to just click and start entering your information to get a mortgage. Before you take the plunge with a large, national mortgage lender, let’s look at the top 10 reasons to get your mortgage locally at a home town bank, like Iowa State Bank!

Easy Application - You can apply online, by phone, or if you prefer, meet one on one with an experienced lender that will walk you through the mortgage process from start to finish.

Local Decisions - Our team at Iowa State Bank does all the underwriting for your mortgage loan right at your location. They don’t need to send it off to someone to make the decision, they work with you to get you the best products at the best rates.

Local Solutions-  We have a variety of loan products and your loan officer will listen, understand, and come up with a solution that works for you. Not everyone fits in the big bank box requirements!

Low Rates - The rates you get at Iowa State Bank are very competitive; and if you compare the whole mortgage package (rates and fees), you will find we beat the national lenders!

Relationships - Your lender has relationships with the local realtors, abstract companies, attorneys, and title companies that are involved in purchasing or refinancing a home.

Close Quickly - Your application is reviewed at your location and processed locally so we can close timely and by the agreed upon date. No one wants to cause delays in closing and we make our deadlines!

We Do Closings - You are important to us and we want to make sure there are no surprises at closing. That is why our lenders go through your closing docs with you to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Local Servicing - After your loan closes, your mortgage lender at Iowa State Bank is your point of contact if you need to check your balance, make an extra payment, change your auto payment, or have any loan related question.

Online Banking - You can view your mortgage balance, payments, etc. online, and if you have an Iowa State Bank checking account (like KASASA), you can make payments to your loan through online banking! A great way to have all of your checking accounts, savings accounts, and loans all in one place!

Invest in Community - By doing your mortgage loan with Iowa State Bank, you are supporting a local business whose owners and employees invest time and funds into your local community.


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