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If you prefer banking by phone but don't have access to Mobile Banking, RediPhone is your go-to solution. By simply calling your local branch's RediPhone number, you have the ability to complete a number of banking tasks.

What can you do with RediPhone?

RediPhone gives you access to your checking and savings accounts, as well as personal CDs and loan accounts.

Functionalities available through RediPhone
Account TypeFunctionalities available through RediPhone
Checking AccountsAccount balance, date and amount of last deposit, date and amount of last withdrawal
Savings AccountsAccount balance, date and amount of last deposit, date and amount of last withdrawal, year-to-date interest earned
Loan InformationLoan balance, current payoff amount, interest rate, year-to-date interest paid
Personal CD InformationPrincipal amount, interest rate, year-to-date interest earned


Call toll free 1-888-258-REDI (7334) and find out your balance, transfer money between your ISB accounts or see if a check has cleared. For local access, call RediPhone at your nearest location.

RediPhone Numbers for each Iowa State Bank Office

Hull: (712) 439-2025

Ireton: (712) 278-2330

Le Mars: (712) 541-6578

Orange City: (712) 737-2501

Paullina: (712) 949-3629

Sanborn: (712) 930-7105

Sheldon: (712) 324-4090

Remsen: (712) 786-1407

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