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Please do not provide personal or account information in text message or email communications. If you are uncertain if a communication is authentic, please contact your local Iowa State Bank office. 

Tips and Resources to Help Protect Your Accounts

Online Safety Tips:

  • Use passphrases for all log-ins. Make sure they're unique to that website and easy to remember. For example, for your Online Banking account, your passphrase could be "moneyforsteve." But you could substitute numbers and symbols for letters to create "Mon3yF0rst3v3" as your password.
  • Log out of all sessions on any website you've logged into.
  • Don't save passwords for any social media or logins you use regularly.
  • Don't post information that is too personal on social media, such as dates of vacations and so on.
  • Limit the profile information you provide on social media sites.
  • When making purchases, make sure to check that the webpage URL includes "https" and a green lock symbol before entering any information.

Mobile Safety Tips:

  • Do not leave your mobile device unattended.
  • Do not lend your mobile device to strangers.
  • Do not enable your mobile device to remember passwords.
  • Do not use online banking on public WiFi connections.
  • Always log out of your mobile banking session.
  • Do not store any type of sensitive information, such as account numbers, IDs or PINs on your mobile device.
  • Research and utilize an Anti-Virus (AVS) program on your mobile device.
  • Be cautious when opening email attachments.
  • Use password protection and/or automatic screen locks on your mobile device. This works as a deterrent if your mobile device were to become lost or stolen.

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