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The Benefits of Home Hunting in the Winter

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Posted On: January 10, 2023 by Iowa State Bank in: General

Although it might be cold outside, winter can be a great time to find a hot deal on a home. Most people begin their house hunt in spring or summer for a variety of reasons: school is out, there is more time to look for a new house, and the warmer weather better accommodates for looking and moving. However... Are you aware that winter can bring lower prices, a better chance of negotiating, fewer bidding wars, and even a faster home-buying process? While there usually are fewer homes for sale in cold-climate states, from late fall through winter, there are good homes to be found and lots of reasons you might be able to negotiate the right deal. Sellers might be more motivated. There could be a reason a house hits the market in winter. The seller might be moving out of state, or have other reasons they need to sell quickly. This means more flexibility on the final selling price, or other terms such as negotiating appliances, repairs, or closing costs. You might get more attention.

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